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The Hillary Raimo Show
Antoine Gigal
From 2010-08-12--1700

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The Hillary Raimo Show
Antoine Gigal


Ancient Egypt with a twist

Gigal's early years were spent in Africa and South America where here father worked as journalist and diplomat. This has taken her all over the world exploring diverse cultures and civilizations. Later she went to Sorbonne Paris III university and to the National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations(INALCO) set up in the past by Champollion, where she was graduated in Chinese and Japanese languages and civilizations.She also studied Sanskrit, Latin and ancient Greek. She speaks modern Egyptian,Spanish, Italian and French. She is distinguished to her ability to translate ancient texts. For the last 20 years she was living mainly in Egypt and went all over the most remote archaeological areas especially those not yet open to general public. With the eye of an astute detective and scrupulous research Gigal brings us unprecedented access to new and first hand information about the understanding of very ancient Egypt. An author in France she now lives and writes half time in Paris and in Cairo. Gigal lectures extensively on Egypt and personally leads several in-depth study tours to Egypt every year.

Tonight she discusses ancient Egypt with a twist, elongated skulls, blue lotus, a culture that predates the biblical flood, and more!

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