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Opening Your Intuitive Eyes
Rowena Cherry
From Sep 16, 2008 at 07:00PM

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Opening Your Intuitive Eyes
Rowena Cherry

Sep 16, 2008 at 07:00PM

Author of 'Forced Mate', 'Insufficient Mating Material', and 'Knight's Fork'.

Rowena Cherry has played chess with a Grand Master and former President of the World Chess Federation (hence the chess-pun titles of her alien romances).

She has spent folly filled summers in a Spanish castle; dined on a sheikh's yacht with royalty; been seranaded (on a birthday) by a rockstar and an English nobleman; ridden in a pace car at the 1993 Indy 500; received the gold level of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award; and generally lived on the edge of the sort of life that inspires her romances about high-living alien gods.

In INSUFFICIENT MATING MATERIAL, we created "the Murderer's Hand" of playing cards, inspired by Bill Hickok's "Dead man's hand". It was used (rigged, of course) to panic a villain. Then, a tarot reading was used as an innocent seeming interrogation tool.

In the sequel, KNIGHT'S FORK, the reading is genuine, and precipitates action, although no one admits that they believe the cards, and everyone reads a different meaning into each prediction.

Here's some info about my October release, Knight's Fork.
Find out more about me at

Knight's Fork is a futuristic romance which combines a traditional quest story (loosely based on the Greek hero Perseus) with a romance around the issue of genetics and the royal need to breed.

A Princess from a "superior" race was married to an alien Prince as living proof of a political alliance. At the time of the marriage/peace treaty no one thought that the Prince would become King of his people, and that an heir would be necessary. After many fruitless years, the Queen (as she now is) realizes that her only hope of keeping the peace is to find a sperm donor from her own race who has the same eye color as her alien mate's, whom she can trust, and who is not too closely related to her.

When he says "No!" the stakes are too high for her to give up.

Rhett is an ambassador and a knight who has taken vows of chastity and purity. Everyone believes that he is "too good to be true" and that he must have a sordid secret, a chink in his moral armor. His own world gets too hot, so he jumps at the chance to go on a year-long quest to uncover or else lay to rest a buried skeleton in the family closet. Little does he know that there is a stowaway aboard.

FAQS About Knight's Fork

Author's Name:
Rowena Cherry

Book Title:
Knight's Fork

ISBN: 0505527405
ISBN 13 978050 5527400

Dorchester Publishing

Publish Date:

Futuristic or Fantasy

Heat level:
PG (some fellatio, body/bathroom humor)

F-word used in villainous swearing

Yes. 3rd after #1 Forced Mate, #2 Insufficient Mating Material


Reviews: (just four... not including the one liners from Susan Kearney, MJ Rose, Joy Nash etc)


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