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Kimmie and Steve have signed with Achieve Radio Network and InnerViews will be returning bigger than ever on Feb. 1st, at 8pm EST. This time around, you can listen anywhere you can access the internet by going to and listening live! PLUS, every show will be available for podcast 30 minutes after each broadcast, so you'll be able to listen to your favorite InnerViews anytime! Please tell your friends and get ready for InnerViews worldwide on Achieve Radio!!!

Kimmie has touched the lives of thousands of people giving guidance in private sessions, lectures and on the radio over 13 years. She has been nominated Toledo's Best Psychic/Astrologer and has a number one rated show that can be heard on Star 105.5 FM in Toledo, Detroit and Windsor. The nationally acclaimed intuitive can also be heard on different radio stations throughout the United States and Canada. She is the author of the best selling book amongst women called The Sun, Moon and Venus: A Simple Guide on How to Get the Most Out of Your Man. It's a fun guide for women to learn how to better communicate with their partner.

Steve Marshall is a radio veteran, with almost 20 years experience on air and has programmed some of the best adult radio stations in the Midwest. Steve is co-host of the very popular metaphysical and spiritual radio show, “InnerViews" where he combines his radio background, with his love of spiritualism. He’s a nationwide lecturer on various subjects including “Soul Bonds and Twin Flames”, and an intuitive Tarot card reader. Steve has been involved in various television projects and currently began researching his first book endeavor.

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